John C. Maxwell, said “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the ways, and shows the way.”

This is exactly the description of Regional Director Tolentino G. Aquino, an epitome of action and character.

The usual practice of former leaders is that they call employees to their office. RD Aquino does otherwise.

The silent atmosphere of the personnel section speaks the busyness of the employees processing requests and this is the time the office is surprised every time the regional director comes in because he immediately appears from any side or any doors of the office.

Aside from the habit of the regional director, going or visiting offices, he is the on-the-go regional director as he often looks into the setup of the whole grounds of the regional office from the backyard to the front yard; from the second floor to the first; interacting with the chiefs as well as rank and file employees.

He personally does the inspection for the whole regional office grounds and facilities recommending courses of action that need to be done.

Aquino is not only the kind of a leader who always takes action but he is someone who breaks the barriers among employees – he connects people; someone whom all employees will not get intimated with his presence because of his heart and humility.

Indeed, leadership is not a position or a title; it is manifested through action and setting the example – a real model.

This is RD Aquino.

By Herminia Felizarte Anwujo, ORD-PAU