“I don’t have the qualities of a health worker or other frontliners. But I will do what I can to help people.”

These are the words coming from Cindy Q. Tadina, Teacher III of Pugaro Integrated School at the Schools Division Office of Dagupan City.

Despite the rising cases of the widespread Corona Virus Disease-2019 (aka COVID-19) which already succumbed thousands of lives causing alarm and panic to people worldwide, teacher Cindy extends her hands in reaching people especially those who are financially challenged.

“Giving is a manifestation of God’s grace. His blessings are enough for me to use day by day.” She firmly believes that helping someone who is in dire need is a sacrificial giving – sharing things of what she has to people.

Since Cindy deals with people, being infected is not impossible since the virus can’t be seen with the naked eye and is communicable if social distancing and proper hygiene is not observed. Symptoms will manifest within a 14-day incubation period to those who are infected and a laboratory test will be undertaken.

“There are times I feel that I might get infected whenever I face people, but I believe that I am protected by the blood of Jesus,” she said.

 Through local and national news, and with information dissemination via social media, majority of the populace are now aware on how to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

  “I also religiously follow the DOH guidelines whenever I dwell with people. And that also include extra care in my part,” she added.

  The word of God is what convinced her during a virtual worship service which she attended leading in identifying the families near her boarding house.

 Cindy shared, the joy in her heart is unexplainable whenever she sees the smile in the faces of the people who receive assistance.

“I will not stop what my heart desires – extending the blessings to those who are in dire need if this pandemic continues.”

 Since President Rodrigo Roa-Duterte announced the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in the entire Luzon, and due to the rising number of COVID patients in Pangasinan alone leading to its extreme level (EECQ), she was unable to go home to her family.

“Maybe God has reason why I failed to go to my hometown in Lingayen.”

 When asked what teacher Cindy will do when this is over, she said that praising God is her priority and will immediately see her family members which she haven’t seen since the start of ECQ.

By Lemuel Dino V. Visperas, PDO II LR/DIO, SDO Dagupan City