The Department of Education, through the International Cooperation Office (ICO), brings to the schools the commemoration of International Holocaust Day.
In the region, an exhibit was brought to Mabilbila Integrated School (MIS) in Santa town of Ilocos Sur, on March 7.
Israeli Ambassador to the Philippines Ilan Fluss led the program, participated by Grade 10 and 11 learners, teachers from MIS, and school heads from other schools.
“The Holocaust is the darkest time in human history, especially for the Jewish people, an unprecedented event from 1942 to 1945 when Nazi Germany attempted to annihilate the Jewish people,” Ambassador Fluss said in his message.
He added, “One-third of the Jewish population were murdered for the sole reason they were Jewish, we can never let it happen again.”
Sharing his family’s experience of the holocaust with the learners, Ambassador Ilan emphasized the value of being peacebuilders as citizens of the country.
Meanwhile, Margarita Consolacion Ballesteros, Director for External Partnerships, in her message said, “Let us honor the memory of those who perished and suffered by actively promoting human rights, combating hate speech, and standing up against all forms of discrimination.”
She added, “Through education, we can, and we will inspire compassion and understanding, fostering a society where every individual is valued, appreciated, and respected.”
“We highlight the value of freedom, sacrifices, and bravery that should inspire the learners and people and the consciousness that the Holocaust has brought to the world by being aware of human rights,” Dr. Joel B. Lopez, schools division superintendent of Ilocos Sur, said in his message.

“Recognizing the extraordinary courage of victims and survivors of the holocaust” is the theme for this year’s International Holocaust Remembrance Day and is officially celebrated every January 27, as declared by the United Nations.


By: Joanna D. Sabado, Public Affairs Unit