I lead the Department of Education Region I in extending warm greetings and heartfelt congratulations to the school administrators, faculty members, non-teaching personnel, parents, guardians, graduates, completers, and awardees for the School Year 2021-2022.

My dear graduates, completers, and awardees, your success is indeed a milestone. Amidst inevitable challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, you conquered them with determination and commitment leading you closer to reach your dreams. The Department is so proud to have learners like you, motivated in achieving the citadel of higher learning. You have indeed demonstrated an exemplary academic performance.

Let your graduation and moving-up ceremonies be a reminder that you are capable to achieve your aspirations and ambitions.  Writer Liam James said, “Dreams are like stars, you may never touch them, but if you follow them, they will lead you to your destiny.” True enough, your persistence, patience and most importantly your faith in the Almighty will bring you to the highest level of your dreams and become the best that you can be.

To our beloved parents, we commend you for your genuine sacrifices in performing your significant role as partners in the learning and development of our learners especially during the implementation of distance learning. DepEd Region I deeply appreciates your earnest efforts, dedication, perseverance, support, and love you unselfishly gave to our learners.

Likewise, we extend sincerest gratitude to all the local government units (LGUs), community leaders and other external partners for your continuing efforts and initiatives for DepEd Region I.    You steadfastly stood with us during difficult times and provided every assistance so that quality education be delivered to learners. Your collaboration and engagement will always be our inspiration.    

Again, congratulations and may you have a wonderful and blessed graduation and moving-up ceremony.


                                                               TOLENTINO G. AQUINO

   Regional Director