Get to know PILU the official icon of DepEd Ilocos Region.

PILU stands for the names of the four provinces of the region, P for Pangasinan, I for Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte, and the letters L and U for the province of La Union.

Pilu suitably symbolizes strength and power being displayed by the carabao shows the perseverance of farmers to cultivate the land and produce yields according to Regional Director Tolentino Aquino, also the brainchild of the icon.

With the carabao’s enduring strength and unwavering industry of farming, it still lives as the farmer’s best friend and legendary partner of all times.

PILU has an ally, the bamboo, an evergreen perennial plant that has a character of flexibility which consents resiliency that can survive much pressure in any weather condition.

The support that PILU obtains from bamboo is a reminder not only of flexibility but also of endurance and humility that could inspire the new generation of learners in the region.


Furthermore, the horns of PILU are adorned with black and yellow stripes and described as powerful marks that underscore the bravery aimed at working collaboratively to achieve relevant, liberating, and inclusive education for all.

It also ensures a unified march realizing the DepEd’s mantra – Sulong EduKalidad.

Its sturdy standing horns with 14 lines represent the schools division of the region composed of five provincial schools division offices: Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, La Union, Pangasinan 1 and 2; and the nine city schools division offices namely: Alaminos, Batac, Candon, Dagupan, Laoag, San Carlos, San Fernando, Urdaneta, and Vigan.

PILU is also clothed with inabel, a locally produced woven tapestry cloth and is considered one of the many prides of the Ilocos region.

“This cloth shall provide warmth to PILU and denotes the preservation of the rich culture of Ilocos and further implies ingenuity and patience of its people,” Dir. Tolentino shared.

He added, there is no other fitting symbol of resilient, dedicated, and hardworking people of the Ilocos Region except for these carabao and bamboo icons.

PILU was illustrated by Rodel Rimando of Don Eulogio de Guzman Memorial National High School of the La Union Schools Division and was  launched October last year.