The Department of Education Region 1 is preparing for the field implementation of the Reading First for Region One program.

Regional Language Supervisor Johnson P. Sunga discussed the mechanics of the pilot implementation among the Education Program Supervisors in-charge of Reading, Filipino, and Mother Tongue from the 14 schools divisions in Region 1 during a meeting held on July 14.

“We need to implement a holistic approach in solving reading problems,” Sunga explained.

The three components of the reading program, according to Sunga, can change the way intervention programs are designed.

It should be recalled that during the launch of the program, three major components were introduced namely Material Development, Research & Policy Development, and Capacity Building Activities.

“Before developing materials, we need to have an inventory of existing materials,” Sunga explained. He also emphasized that trainings must be needs-based and must take into consideration the profile of both learners and teachers.

“The root cause of the problem must be determined first before designing any capacity building activity.” Sunga added.

Sunga also raised the possibility of formulating policies based on the needs of schools and students.

“In order to establish successful policies, our interventions must be data-driven,” Sunga added. 

Pilot schools from each schools divisions office shall be selected through Pareto analysis.

“We need to select schools that shall be our priority schools in terms of intervention programs,” Sunga said.

He added that a few schools will act as model schools for the Reading First for Region One program’s regional rollout.

“We need to test first how the program works. We will improve the design along the way,” Sunga added.

Arlene A. Niro, chief of the Curriculum and Learning Management Division (CLMD), emphasized the importance of collaboration in developing an effective reading program.

“We need your support in order for this program to be successful,” Niro said.

The details of the pilot implementation shall be discussed in a separate meeting together with the members of DepEd Regional Office 1 Executive Committee headed by Regional Director Tolentino G. Aquino and Assistant Regional Director Ronald B. Castillo.

By: Johnson P. Sunga, CLMD