Supporting the continuous implementation of School-Based Management (SBM), the Division SBM Coordinators conducted the 1st Benchmarking the Best Practices of Select SBM Level III schools facilitated by the Field Technical Assistance Division (FTAD) on March 27-28, 2023 and June 7-9, 2023, respectively.
The activity recognized the schools with SBM Level III practices where areas of school instruction and management were included. Likewise, this also showed how schools manage improvement goals by working with their communities towards the attainment of learning outcomes along strategic planning, implementing school improvement programs, resource mobilization, accountability system for results, and curricular reform and innovations.
Further, the activity aimed to identify outstanding accomplishments of schools in line with their effective school-based management and efficient utilization of funds; and recognize innovations that contribute to the successful implementation of PPAs.
The select SBM Level III schools were Don Aurelio Evangelista Memorial Elementary School of SDO Pangasinan I, Magtaking Elementary School of SDO San Carlos City, Tayug National High School of SDO Pangasinan II, and Badipa Elementary Schools of SDO Urdaneta City while the schools of Schools Division Offices of Ilocos Norte, Laoag and Batac which included Sarrat North Central School, Sarrat Central School, F. Camaquin Integrated School, Laoag Central School, and Batac National High School were also visited.
During the benchmarking, the SDO personnel, district supervisors, school heads, School SBM coordinators, SGC Co-Chairpersons, and local officials were present and showed their support in improving the quality of the school governance. The select schools showcased their best practices along areas of processes, activities, and methods which were made evident through audio-visual presentations, booth exhibits and school visits along with the SBM dimensions focused on Leadership & Governance, Curriculum & Learning, Accountability & Continuous Improvement, and Management of Resources.
The schools’ best practices enhanced the involvement of education stakeholders at all levels and strengthened accountabilities in realizing the education outcomes for the learners. This further made the schools’ cycle of continuous improvement relating the different processes in the system work together.
By: Myla V. Lalicon, Education Program Supervisor, FTAD