DepEd Region I officials recently held a coordination meeting to prepare for the upcoming 2023 Regional Schools Press Conference, which will be hosted by the Schools Division Office of Alaminos City on June 15-17, 2023.
During the meeting, the officials discussed their plans for the conference, including the activities, schedules, and guidelines. They also talked about the preparations of the host division in terms of logistics, transportation, and accommodations for the delegates.
Dr. Vivian Luz Pagatpatan, schools division superintendent of the host Division, expressed her excitement about the conference, saying, “We are thrilled to be hosting this year’s Regional Schools Press Conference. It’s a great opportunity for our students to showcase their talents and skills in journalism, and we’re looking forward to providing a safe and comfortable environment for everyone.”
Assistant SDS Marilou Cardenas echoed her sentiments, saying, “We are committed to ensuring the success of this event. We will be providing logistical support and assistance to all the delegates, and we’ll make sure that everything is in place before the conference starts.”
Curriculum and Learning Management Chief Arlene Niro added that the conference is an excellent opportunity for students to hone their skills in journalism and enhance their critical thinking skills. “We want to encourage our students to pursue their passion for writing and reporting. This conference is an excellent platform for them to showcase their talents and learn from their peers,” she said.
Regional Education Program Supervisor Johnson Sunga also expressed his excitement about the conference. “I’m looking forward to seeing the students’ creativity and ingenuity in their outputs. I’m confident that this year’s conference will be a huge success, and we’ll all learn a lot from each other,” Sunga said.
“I’m looking forward to seeing the growth and development of our student journalists as they participate in this year’s conference. This event is an excellent platform for them to express their thoughts and ideas, and I’m excited to see what they come up with, exclaimed Regional Education Program Supervisor Joselito Daguison.
Alaminos City Division Education Program Supervisors Elnora Raroque and Elisa Ranoy emphasized the importance of adhering to safety protocols during the conference, saying that strict safety measures would be strictly implemented.
The 2023 Regional Schools Press Conference is expected to be a challenging and competitive event. Nevertheless, the DepEd officials are confident that the students will rise to the challenge and produce exceptional works.