Teachers are always proactive and responsive to the call of the times. They can put wonders to small things and for you to see them big.

 Things may be odd but they can let you see them with brighter perspective. A hard and saddening situation to a positive outlook.

 These and more are what teachers can be capable of. Amidst the event of covid-19 pandemic, there are teachers who were able to put in their hands simple matters, simple ideas into inspiring and heartwarming situations.

 The effects of covid-19 are frightening everyone but it never stopped Mdm. Princess Tita Arellano and Sir Corman Ramon Malag, teachers of Nancalobasaan Elementary School and Urdaneta City National High School, respectively, in distributing their grab-a-grub chichaworm snack packs to areas surrounding their indoor vertical farm – a house-based superworm pocket farm located in Nancalobasaan, Urdaneta City.

 The two teachers personally fried and packed in flavors the chichaworms before distributing them to frontliners. They have distributed to volunteers and barangay officials of their own and neighboring barangays namely, Balangobong in Binalonan, Calepaan in Asingan, and Cayambanan and Nancalobasaan in Urdaneta City.

They have also distributed to PNP frontliners of Urdaneta City, Asingan and San Manuel, Pangasinan. Likewise, the Urdaneta City Health workers and one pharmacy in Asingan received their own individual snack packs. They started their distribution since March 24 and are still distributing at least thrice a week up to this day.

 It is not how much someone could give but how sincere the act of giving that counts. These teachers never doubted in going out amidst the danger of covid-19. They are risking their lives just to share their grab-a-grub chichaworm products hoping that they can warm the hearts and strengthen the spirits of our frontliners.

Mam Tita, said, “It is never in my mind that my grab-a-grub chichaworm snack packs can fight the corona virus but I just thought that sharing them can lighten the situation, stun and touch the hearts of our frontliners.” Truly, it is not how much one can give and share that matters but the one that really comes from the heart.

May this one small touch of sharing ignite endless ripples of goodness to lessen our fears of this covid-19 pandemic.

By Eunice B. Madriaga